Q: I love your work, but I have a few questions….

A: You may just find your question answered on this page! But if not, NO worries… I’d love to answer any more questions you may have by text, phone or email. Just click contact at the top of the page to get in touch with me however is most convenient for you!

Q: Buuuuut, I have A LOT of questions… will you be too busy to answer them?

A: Absolutely not! I only book limited sessions each month, so I’m available to answer all of my client emails/texts/phone calls super quick! Most are responded to within just a few hours, but always within 24. And if you put “emergency” in the subject, I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Q: I’m ready to book! What now?

A: Get in contact with me through the contact link at the top of the page! (Or call/text me at 316-841-4523 or email to deidre@dcaswellphotography.com) I’ll find out a little bit about you and what you’re looking for. Once we have all the details and date ironed out, I’ll send you a few emails… one with your invoice for your session retainer and another with your session agreement. You’ll complete those and we’ll be good to go!

Q: I’m all booked and we have a date scheduled! Yay! But, I neeeeed help getting ready!

A: I’m so excited to work with you!! I’ll send you a link to fill out my questionnaire, so I can find out JUST what you’re hoping to accomplish during our time together! The more info you give me, the better! What I don’t know, I can’t do for you! You’ll also receive a full prep and what to wear guide from me, and as always… questions are WELCOME!

Q: Dressing my family for photos is SO stressful! Can you help??

A: I HEAR YOU! Every year when I’m preparing my family for our fall portrait session, I think of all of my clients and commiserate. I hope I can make it a little easier, though. My prep info includes a what to wear guide, with lots of little pieces of advice I’ve put together throughout my 8 years of experience as a professional photographer. You can also check out my boards on Pinterest, which have lots of fun ideas! I’ve also had past client text me outfit ideas and choices, so I’m more than happy to assist you in the process however I can!

Q: Where will we do my session? I don’t know of anywhere!!

A: When you fill out your questionnaire, I’ll find out a bit about your style and what you’re looking for. From there, I have several great locations around Wichita that I can recommend that I know from experience will work perfectly!

Q: Our session is over! We had a blast! When will we get to see what you got??

A: The most exciting part of the whole process! That first look at your pictures! I aim to get sneaks posted to Facebook with 24-48 hours of your session, and all galleries are delivered within 2 weeks of your session!

Q: I’ve received my download gallery! What can I do with my images?

A: All images presented in your download gallery are fully edited and ready to go! I only deliver full resolution files, so you can print to your heart’s content. My files include a personal use license, so feel free to print for your home and family or use on your personal social media/online accounts. If you need other use licensing of your images, let me know!

Q: What if I ever have more questions??!!

A: I always love hearing from my clients… present and past. So, if anything ever comes up that you need help with, just let me know!

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